December 2020

St. John

The Nativity Narratives of Luke and Matthew

Advent IV

Emmanuel: God With Us  (based on Matt 1:18, 28:20; Luke 1:26-56)

Advent III

Waiting in Patience and Faith  (based on Isa. 35; Matt. 11:2-10)

Advent II

When Jesus Christ Comes Again  (based on Luke 21:25-32)

November 2020

Advent I

Take Advent Seriously!

Thanksgiving Eve

The Importance of Gratitude  (based on Luke 17:11-19)

Sunday Before Advent

God Provides  (based on John 6:5-14)

Trinity XXII

The Saints and the Beatitudes  (based on Matt 5: 1-12; Rev 7: 2-4, 9-17)  

All Saints Day

Called to be Saints

October 2020

Christ the King

Christ as King  (based on Col 1:12-19, John 18:33-37)  

St. Luke

About St. Luke

Trinity XVIII

Love: The Great Secret  (based on Matt 22: 34-46)

Trinity XVII

Christian Conduct (based on Luke 14:1-11)

September 2020

Trinity XVI

Love, Power, and Prayer (based on Eph 3:17-19)

Trinity XV

Take No Thought