November 2023

Sunday Before Advent

Stir Up Our Wills  (based on John 6:5-14)

Trinity XXIII

Christians in a Divided World  (based on Matt 22:34-46)

Trinity XXII

Spiritual Friendship

October 2023

Christ the King

Rejoice! The Lord is King!

Trinity XIX

The Power of the Holy Ghost

Trinity XVIII

One Necessary Thing: Love the Lord  (based on Matt 22:34-46

September 2023

Trinity XV

Take Up Your Cross (based on Gal. 6:11-18)

Trinity XIV

The Mediator  (based on Luke 17:11-18)

Trinity XIII

The Fulfillment of All Commandments  (based on Luke 10:23-36)

August 2023

Trinity XII

Turn Boldly to God in Your Weakness  (based on Mark 7:25)

Trinity XI

Take Off Your Mask  (based on Luke 18:9-14)

Trinity X

Power Over Chaos  (based on Matt 8:23-27)  

July 2023

Trinity VIII

Talk vs. Action  (based on Matt 7:15-21)

Trinity VII

What is a Miracle?  (based on Mark 8:1-9)

Trinity VI

Put Some Heart Into It!  (based on Matt 5:20-26)