July 2022

Trinity VII

Enter By the Narrow Gate  (based on Matt. 7:13)

Trinity VI

The Fire of God’s Love  (based on Matt. 5:20-26)

Trinity V

Say Yes to God

Trinity IV

Be Ye Therefore Merciful  (based on Luke 6:36-42)

Trinity III

Called to Witness to Our Faith  (based on Luke 10:1)

June 2022

Trinity I

The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

Trinity Sunday

From Physics to the Glorious Trinity

November 2021

Thanksgiving Eve

Joy, Blessings, and Gratitude

Sunday Before Advent

Living in Expectation of Jesus’ Return

Trinity XXIV

O Death, Where is Thy Sting? O Grave, Where is Thy Victory?

Trinity XXIII

The Things That Are God’s (based on Matt. 22:15-22)

October 2021

Christ the King

Christ the King and Gnosticism  (based on Col 1:12-20)

Trinity XXI

The Armor of God  (based on Eph 6:10)

Trinity XX

The Wedding Garment  (based on Matt 22:1-14)

Trinity XIX

The Power to Forgive and Heal  (based on Matt 9:1-8)