June 2022

Trinity I

The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

Trinity Sunday

From Physics to the Glorious Trinity


Growing the Church  (based on Acts 2:1-11)

May 2022


Why Did Jesus Have to Leave?  (based on Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:49-53)

Easter V

Doers, Not Hearers Only (based on James 1:22-27)

Easter IV

Believe in the Church

April 2022

Easter I

Fear and Doubt (based on John 20:19-23)


The Most Momentous Event in History  (based on John 20:1-10)

Maundy Thursday

The Source and Summit of the Christian Life  (based on John 13:1-15)

Palm Sunday

Who Do You Say That I Am?  (based on Matt. 27:1-54)

Passion Sunday

Who Jesus Is and Who He Is Not  (based on John 8:46-59)

March 2022

Lent IV

Master of the Impossible–The Ultimate Force Multiplier  (based on John 6:1-14)

Lent III

God Calls Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things

Lent II

The Essence of Christianity  (based on Matt. 15:21-28)

Lent I

The Devil Is Real  (based on Matt4:1-11)