June 2016

Trinity IV

From Jesus to Apostles to Priests: Direction for our Lives, Healing for our Souls

Trinity III


Trinity II

An Invitation to a Banquet

May 2016

Trinity I

The Mystery of the Eucharist: Things are not Always What They Appear to Be

Trinity Sunday

The History of the Trinity

November 2015

Trinity XXIV

Created to Live With God in Eternal Life

Trinity XXIII

Give Back to God the Things That Are God’s

October 2015

Trinity XIX

The Mind/Body Connection: Getting Right With God

September 2015

Trinity XVII


Trinity XVI

The Widow of Nain: God Has Visited His People

Trinity XV

Enough of Worry! We Belong to God

Trinity XIV

A Lesson in Gratitude

August 2015

Trinity XIII

Who is My Neighbor?

Trinity XII

Secrets and Speech: A Deaf and Mute Man Healed

Trinity XI

Salvation by Grace Alone - The Pharisee and the Publican