Audio Sermon Archive



December 2021

Advent III

To Have Life Abundantly

Advent II

Reflections on the Word
(based on Romans 15:4-13, Luke 21:25-33)

November 2021

Advent I

Three Steps to Re-Center Our Lives on God

Thanksgiving Eve

Joy, Blessings, and Gratitude

Sunday Before Advent

Living in Expectation of Jesus’ Return

Trinity XXIV

O Death, Where is Thy Sting? O Grave, Where is Thy Victory?

Trinity XXIII

The Things That Are God’s
(based on Matt. 22:15-22)

October 2021

Christ the King

Christ the King and Gnosticism
 (based on Col 1:12-20)

Trinity XXI

The Armor of God
 (based on Eph 6:10)

Trinity XX

The Wedding Garment
 (based on Matt 22:1-14)

Trinity XIX

The Power to Forgive and Heal
 (based on Matt 9:1-8)

September 2021

Trinity XVII

True Humility
 (based on Luke 14:1-11)

Trinity XVI

God Has Visited His People
(based on Luke 7:11-17)

Trinity XIV

Faith + the Power of God

August 2021

Trinity XIII

The One Who Shows Mercy
(based on Luke 10:23-36)