Audio Sermon Archive



March 2022

Lent I

The Devil Is Real
 (based on Matt4:1-11)

February 2022


Powerful Medicine: Prayer, Almsgiving, Fasting




What is Jesus Really Up To?
 (based on Matt 20:1-16)

January 2022

Epiphany IV

What is Important?

Epiphany II

The Baptism of Our Lord
 (based on Mark 1:1-11)

Epiphany I

Beyond Seeking


Revelation to the Gentiles
 (based on Matt 2:1-12)

Christmas II

Our Journey Requires Constant Trust in God
 (based on Micah 4:5)

December 2021

St. Stephen

Making a Christian Home

Christmas Day

God With Us

Christmas Eve

God Makes Himself Small

Advent IV

The Deeper Meaning of Christmas

Advent III

To Have Life Abundantly

Advent II

Reflections on the Word
(based on Romans 15:4-13, Luke 21:25-33)