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April 2017

Palm Sunday

The Cost of Redemption

Passion Sunday

A Grain of Wheat: The Heart of the Matter

March 2017

Lent IV

God So Loved the World…

Lent III

The Lord is Kind and Merciful to Us All

Lent II

Persistence in Prayer

Lent I

Beginning Lent: Self-Discipline

February 2017


Lent is About Change


God’s Word Sown in our Lives: Am I Different?


The Kingdom of Heaven: Fairness and Envy

Epiphany V

The Wheat and the Tares

January 2017

Epiphany IV

Praying with Faith and Confidence

Epiphany III

The Miracle of the Changing of Water Into Wine as a Sign

Epiphany I

Jesus Can Be Found By Anyone Who Seeks Him

Christmas I

We Have God’s Blessings

December 2016

Christmas Day

God’s Greatest Gift