Audio Sermon Archive



September 2022

Trinity XIV

A Faith Journey
 (based on Luke 17:11-18)

Trinity XIII

Irenaeus’ Interpretation of the Good Samaritan
 (based on Luke 10:23-36)

Trinity XII

Hearing and Listening
 (based on Mark 7:31-37)

August 2022

Trinity XI

Remember the Other
 (based on Luke 18:9-14)

Trinity X

Jesus in the Temple
 (based on Luke 19:41-47)

Trinity IX

The Better Part
 (based on Luke 10:38-42)

The Transfiguration

Christ-Centered and Cross-Centered
 (based on Luke 9:28-36)

July 2022

Trinity VII

Enter By the Narrow Gate
 (based on Matt. 7:13)

Trinity VI

The Fire of God’s Love
 (based on Matt. 5:20-26)

Trinity V

Say Yes to God

Trinity IV

Be Ye Therefore Merciful
 (based on Luke 6:36-42)

Trinity III

Called to Witness to Our Faith
 (based on Luke 10:1)

June 2022

Trinity I

The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

Trinity Sunday

From Physics to the Glorious Trinity


Growing the Church
 (based on Acts 2:1-11)