Audio Sermon Archive



March 2024

Lent IV

The Five Loaves: Bringing Our Meager Resources to God
 (based on John 6:1-14)

Lent III

Our Swept and Garnished Heart
 (based on Luke 11:14-28)

February 2024

Lent II

Repentant, Reverent, Persistent, and Humble Faith
 (based on Matt. 15: 21-28)


A Journey Both Puzzling and Dark, Joyful and Bright
 (based on Luke 18:31-43)


Preparing Our Hearts
 (based on Luke 8:4-15)

January 2024


Running the Race
 (based on Matt 20:1-16)

Epiphany III

Jesus Makes a Difference
 (based on John 2:1-11)

Epiphany II

A Little Church History


A Star, a Sign, and Our Faith
 (based on Matt 2:1-12)

December 2023

The Circumcision

Faith is the Center of the Family
 (based on Luke 2:15-21)

Advent IV

Make Space for God in Our Lives

Christmas Eve

Light in the Darkest Night
 (based on Luke 2:1-14)

Advent III

Establishment of the Kingdom of God
 (based on Matt. 11:2-10)

Advent II

Christmas Without Jesus is Empty

Advent I

Hope and Promise