Audio Sermon Archive



September 2021

Trinity XVI

God Has Visited His People
(based on Luke 7:11-17)

Trinity XIV

Faith + the Power of God

August 2021

Trinity XIII

The One Who Shows Mercy
(based on Luke 10:23-36)

Trinity XII

Open Thou Our Lips
 (based on Mark 7:31-37)

Trinity XI

The Assumption, an Early Tradition of the Church

Trinity X

Take God Seriously
 (based on Luke 19:41-47a)

Trinity IX

Two Sons and One Loving Father

July 2021

St. James

Faith of the Head and Faith of the Heart

Trinity VII

Jesus, Our Compassionate Provider
 (based on Mark 8:1-9)

Trinity VI

The Exceeding Holiness of God
 (based on Matt. 5:20-26)

Trinity V

Knowing Jesus

June 2021

Trinity III

Encountering God’s Mercy

Trinity II

No Excuses!
 (based on Luke 14:16-24)

Trinity I

(based on Luke 16:19-31, 1 John 4:7-21)

May 2021

Trinity Sunday

Living in the Family of the Holy Trinity