September 2016

Trinity XVII

True Humility

Trinity XVI

God Has Visited His People

Trinity XV

What is Important

August 2016

Trinity XIII

The Measure of Love

Trinity XII

Deafness: Do We Really Hear One Another?


A Mountaintop Experience: Seeing Beyond Appearances

July 2016

Trinity X

My House is a House of Prayer

Trinity IX

Forgiveness: The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Trinity VIII

God’s Will For Us

Trinity VII

Come Unto Me, All Ye That Are Troubled, and I Will Give You Rest

Trinity VI

Take My Yoke Upon You, and Learn From Me

June 2016

Trinity V

How Can We Get to Know God Better?

Trinity IV

From Jesus to Apostles to Priests: Direction for our Lives, Healing for our Souls

Trinity III


Trinity II

An Invitation to a Banquet