Audio Sermon Archive



April 2023

Easter I

No Doubt, No Weakness, No Fear


A New Creation
 (based on John 20:1-10)

Palm Sunday

Why Palm Branches?

March 2023

Passion Sunday

Why is God Silent Sometimes?
 (based on John 11:21)

Lent IV

Lost in Sin; Found in Faith
(based on Mark 10:51-52)

Lent III

Social Distancing
 (based on John 4:6-10)

Lent II

Testing Our Faith
(based on Matt 15:21-18)

February 2023

Lent I

Forbidden Fruit
(based on Matt. 4:1-11)


The Examination of Conscience
 (based on Matt. 5:20)


The Merit System
 (based on Isaiah 55:8)

January 2023

Epiphany IV

Why Do You Go To Church?
 (based on Matt. 8:1-13)

Epiphany III

God is Calling You
 (based on Matt. 4:19)

Epiphany II

Our Baptismal Vows
 (based on Mark 1:1-11)

Epiphany I

Two Manifestations

The Circumcision

The Name of Jesus
 (based on Luke 2:15-21)