Worship and Liturgy

Most of us know what worship is, but many do not know what ‘liturgy’ is.
Simply put, liturgy is the framework for our worship which gives order to our services, as well as our prayer lives.

We are blessed with both a prayer book and a yearly calendar which enhances our daily lives holy days and seasons. this allows us to prepare for our worship services and our daily devotions.

Our prayer book is called the Book of Common Prayer which was published in England and various editions have been used by millions of Anglicans worldwide since 1549. The edition we use in the ACC is the traditional 1928 American edition. It is scripturally-based and both follows and complements the magnificent English of the King James version of the Holy Bible.

While the language is not modern, it is in keeping with the relationship we have with our Father, which is a reverential one.

Our Church is not a new one; it has been continuing the unbroken faith of the first Christian mission in England, which was planted within 50 years of Christ’s crucifixion.

Many of our customs during our worship service may seem, at first, very formal, but they are steeped in traditions that go back to the early Church, as well as the ancient Hebrew rites and customs.

It may take you a while to learn them, but everything we do has a connection to the first Christians and leads us directly to Christ.

Don’t get discouraged or embarrassed because you may not know all the customs. We’ve all been there! It takes time and one usually learns through observance. Naturally, the members of All Angels will guide you through and answer your questions; we have also created a booklet describing our practices.


Our service music during the worship service is also traditional. It ranges from ancient Hebrew psalms, plainsong, chants, classical, and the great hymns written during the 16th – 20th century. This music is timeless and enduring.

Contemporary praise songs and gospel are sung during our mission work and other church-related activities, outside of the worship service.